Shit people (who don’t invest) say

They are everywhere around us. Some of my best friends are this way, and in this post I want to address all their sayings. All their clichés. I’m talking about people who don’t invest. People who have strong feelings about the stock market or don’t have any feelings about it at all. Some of them are just being lazy, but some are doing it out of principle. Let’s dig into their characters. Types of non-investors The lazy—He intends to invest.

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Thematic ETFs — What are they good for?

An exchange-traded fund, known as an ETF, has become increasingly popular over the last few decades. Born in the early 90’s, an ETF is a financial vehicle traded in stock exchanges and tracks the index it covers. For example, some ETFs track the S&P 500, and ETF shares are traded in accordance with the index, replicating the return of the index. The Thesis Stocks exchanges have a long history. Some argue that a stock market even existed in ancient Rome,

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Catch-22 v. 2.0 — Millennials and the Stock Market

The stock market lacks millennials. Is the stock market not suited for them? If the numbers tell us anything, that’s probably true. Eighty percent of millennials are not investing in the stock market, according to a Harris poll. This strikes us as a very high number, as 52% of the general population are invested in the stock market. In fact, that 52% is still much less than the 65% invested before the subprime crisis in 2008. These stats can increase the gaps between generations. Generation

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San Francisco vs. the NASDAQ

 “Real Estate Prices have gone nuts! The prices are insane!” Real estate prices are a major topic everywhere you go. Home prices have skyrocketed in recent years, becoming out of reach for most young people. The price-to-income ratio in Los Angeles and San Francisco is now approximately 10, which means that if you work ten years, earn the average salary of a person living in one of those cities, and save all of it, you would be able to buy a house at the end

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