Breaking the Big Four

Once, the Big Four was a term used to describe the biggest accounting firms. Today, it is widely used to describe the biggest firms, overall. The Big Four are Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook (sometimes referred to as the Big Five, together with Microsoft) – the four largest companies in the world in terms of market capitalization (well, Microsoft is also there in the middle) but most importantly, in terms of influence, power and success. These companies have something in

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Why is it So Easy to Beat Wall Street Expectations?

Last Friday was one of the best days for capital markets in recent years and especially so for those holding some tech stocks, which gained the most. The Nasdaq 100 rose by almost 3%, led by technology juggernauts, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Intel. All of them beat the “Street Expectation,” which is a term used to describe the average estimate for a company’s quarterly revenues, earnings, and other important financial data that a public company has to report

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