Vocabulary for the Solid Investor

In the last few weeks, I have received some feedback saying that I have put the cart before the horse, and that some readers first need to understand the basic ideas and concepts of investing. I strongly believe in strengthening financial literacy, so I immediately thought about discussing important vocabulary terms for the new investor, who will hopefully become a solid investor. This discussion will not follow a strictly ABC approach but rather focus on the order in which a

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Buying a house—A wise financial decision? (2)

In the previous post, I discussed whether or not buying a house today is a smart financial decision. I recommend reading it before reading this post, but if you’re a millennial who hates to read a lot, then the short answer would be no. Or probably not. Not everyone wants to buy today. Some are considering various alternatives for investment. Some do not have enough free cash flow, while others are waiting for a bubble to explode. Among millennials, some

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Buying a House—A Wise Financial Decision? (1)

Buying a house can be the most important financial decision you’ll ever make, especially if you live in coastal areas, where real estate prices tend to be higher. In a series of posts, I will consider how wise it would be from an economic perspective to buy a house today. I will not discuss psychological factors involved, for example, most people want to live under a roof of their own, or some other practical factors—you are very limited in being

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Catch-22 v. 2.0 — Millennials and the Stock Market

The stock market lacks millennials. Is the stock market not suited for them? If the numbers tell us anything, that’s probably true. Eighty percent of millennials are not investing in the stock market, according to a Harris poll. This strikes us as a very high number, as 52% of the general population are invested in the stock market. In fact, that 52% is still much less than the 65% invested before the subprime crisis in 2008. These stats can increase the gaps between generations. Generation

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