What Can We Expect from the U.S. Dollar in 2018?

The U.S Dollar had its first yearly decline in 2017 after five strong years, and now analysts are wondering whether the dollar will stage a comeback in 2018. You can hear predictions in favor of both sides – some assume that the interest rate hikes of the Federal Reserve will be the difference maker, while others see the European Central Bank stop feeding the markets with easy money, allowing the Euro to keep its relative strength vs. the dollar. But

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The Secret Sauce of the German Economy

A few weeks ago a new episode of the famous podcast of Freakonomics dealt with an extremely interesting question—what makes the German economy so successful? Freakonomics is an American podcast and dealt with the issue from an American point of view. It raised certain issues, such as identifying the secrets of the German economy and discussing whether or not America should steal some of them (or copy them). http://freakonomics.com/podcast/secrets-german-economy-steal/ First of all, what are the secrets of the German economy?

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